Understanding FAR Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Reporting Requirements

Understanding FAR Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Reporting Requirements

In today’s federal market, responding to government solicitations in a timely and complaint manner is ever-more challenging.  Many small or medium size federal contractors who are responding to federal solicitations may have another obstacle: how to comply with Earned Value Management System RFP (Request for Proposal) requirements.

Simply said, Earned Value Management (EVM) is an integrated project management methodology that utilizes a set of integrated core project management principles (e.g., scope, schedule and budget) to assess and measure project performance.

For those companies that have not implemented EVMS as part of their project management process framework , FAR 52.234-3, Post-award Integrated Baseline Review allows a company that has not been determined to be in compliance (e.g., by a cognizant federal Agency or DCMA) with the Electronic Industries Alliance Standard 748 (EIA-748) to submit a comprehensive EVMS plan with the 32 EVMS guidelines as part of their RFP submission.

For example, FAR 52.234-3, states the following:

“Offerors shall not be eliminated from consideration for contract award because they do not have an EVMS that complies with these standards.”

The plan shall:

(i) Describe the EVMS the offeror intends to use in performance of the contracts;

(ii) Distinguish between the offeror’s existing management system and modifications proposed to meet the guidelines;

(iii) Describe the management system and its application in terms of the EVMS guidelines;

(iv) Describe the proposed procedure for administration of the guidelines, as applied to subcontractors; and

(v) Provide documentation describing the process and results of any third-party or self-evaluation of the system’s compliance with the EVMS guidelines.

To learn more about how to write a compliant RFP EVMS Plan, call Basil Soutos, CEO of Samos Advisors LLC, at 703-409-5941 or email  [email protected] 

Winter NDIA Integrated Program Management Division Meeting Scheduled for February 6-7, 2019

Mark your calendar for the next NDIA Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD) quarterly meeting, Feb. 6-7, 2019. These highly beneficial events feature presentations by EVMS experts and end users, expert panel discussions and NDIA EVMS working groups.

NDIA IPMD meetings provide industry EVMS focal points, EVMS practitioners and project managers opportunities to learn about the latest government EVMS policies and practices. They are also an effective forum for exchanging EVMS best practices.

HTC Conference Center
1395 Troutman Blvd. Northeast
Palm Bay, FL 32905

The NDIA IPM Division meetings address the following:

  • Leadership of integrated program management topics
  • Stewardship of the Earned Value Management Standard (EVMS) and guidance
  • Industry interface with government leaders on policy and practices
  • Best practice and implementation guidance
  • Working group sessions on Clearinghouse, Program Management, Planning & Scheduling, Agile & EVM, Prime/Subcontractor, Contracts, CSDR, Surveillance Guide Update

Visit the IPMD Meeting event page to register and for more information.

Basil Soutos is the founder of Samos Advisors, LLC, a proven leader in EVMS & Project Management.

Basil Soutos to Present at 8th Annual EVM Practitioners’ Forum

Want to learn more about how a DOE contractor prepares for EVMS Certification? Sign-up today for the 8th Annual EVM Practitioners’ Forum.

Samos Advisors LLC CEO Basil Soutos is presenting “How to prepare for a DOE Contractor EVMS Certification” on Thursday, August 23, 12:45pm at the Washington Hilton, Washington, DC.  Basil Soutos will speak about the following EVMS certification readiness topics: contractor EVMS certification readiness techniques, certification readiness process road-map, best practices for achieving Program Management, Project Controls and CAM interview success and how to comply with DOE’s EVMS “Attribute” Data Driven Certification Model.

This year’s event is at the Washington Hilton, Washington, DC.  The dates of this event is August 22 and 23.  Contact Todd Hatherly at Federal Publics Seminars for registration information: [email protected].

For more information about Samos Advisors, contact Basil Soutos at 703-409-5941 or [email protected]

Samos Advisors Can Meet your EVMS Training Needs

Interested in learning about implementing a compliant EIA-748 Earned Value Management System (EVMS) for your programs or projects? Basil Soutos has over 30+ years of design, development and implementing EVMS on small to large DoD and civilian agency programs.

Whether you are new to EVMS, want to refresh your EVMS skills or learn about new EVMS industry best practices, Samos Advisors can tailor your EVMS training needs to meet your corporate or contractual reporting requirements.

Samos Advisors offers a 1 day EVMS overview training course exploring all 32 EIA-748 guidelines. We also teach a comprehensive control account management (CAM) training course reviewing relevant EVMS responsibilities and learning how to properly analyze EVMS schedule (IMS) and cost data (IPMR Reporting).  Our other popular training venues offers in depth knowledge how to prepare for government mandatory EVMS reviews such as: Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR), Government EVMS Surveillances and/or EVMS Certification.

For more information about how Samos Advisors can meet your EVMS training needs, contact Basil Soutos at 703-409-5941 or [email protected]

Samos Advisors Launches New Website

Samos Advisors recently teamed with Jill Kurtz of Kurtz Digital Strategy to re-design Samos Advisors website.  Samos Advisors re-designed website enhances services offerings in the areas of Proposal Management Project Management and Earned Value Management.

To learn more about Samos Advisors expanded service offerings click on the link samosadvisors.com.

If your company is thinking about website design, contact Jill Kurtz, Kurtz Digital Strategy, at [email protected] to setup a free consultation.