Keep Your EVMS Project on Track

Keep Your Project on Track During the COVID-19 Pandemic

First, let me express my hope that you and those you care about are all safe and well. These are unprecedented times, but by looking out for one another we will get through it.

You are likely working remotely and may be wondering how you can provide the best value to your organization and projects when many tasks may be suspended. This is an excellent time for a review of the EVMS fundamental documents and processes related to current projects.

EVMS Documents and Processes to Review

  • EVMS 2020 process improvement plan and schedule
  • EVMS policies and procedures
  • EVMS training materials
  • EVMS surveillance plan
  • EVMS certification procedure and schedule
  • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) training material
  • Project Managers and Control Account Mangers EVMS training material (e.g. CAM interviews, questionnaires)
  • Project Execution Management Plans
  • Risk and Opportunity Management procedures and risk register
  • EVMS Reporting requirements and status (there may be additional requirements for today’s environment)

Now that work had largely moved online and report, this is also a good time to assess your project tools. Do you still have the right toolset? Are there efficiencies to explore?

Need help?

Samos Advisors EVMS experts are available for a free consultation to help you navigate the impact that COVID-19 is having on your project. Call us today at 703-409-5940 to arrange your free consulting session.