Basil Soutos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Basil Soutos is the founder of Samos Advisors, LLC, a proven leader in EVMS & Project Management.

Basil Soutos, who established Samos Advisors LLC in 2012, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer a leading provider of Program Management, Proposal Management and Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) Services and Solutions. He is an accomplished professional in the design, development, and implementation of EIA-748 Earned Value Management compliant systems across various sectors, including industry, federal government, defense and civilian agencies, and the Intelligence Community.

The following highlights Mr. Soutos professional accomplishments:

  • Proven implementer of EIA-748 EVMS compliant systems (design, development, and implementation services). Experienced provider of SME EVMS consulting services on small to large contacts, over $1bl (e.g., IT, Software Development, DOE Capital Asset and Environmental Management, F-35 – Joint-Strike-Fighter Jet, Littoral Combat Ships, and pharmaceutical projects (BARDDA and CMS/HHS).
  • Recognized EVMS subject manner expert serving Industry, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Health & Human Services (HHS), and U.S. Intelligence Community (NRO and NGA).
  • Experienced team leader in directing project teams in EVMS policy generation, maintenance and development of schedule and cost baselines to include the generation of the following work products:
    • WBS and WBS Dictionary
    • RAM/OBS
    • Work authorization documents
    • Performance measurement baseline
    • IMS/IPMR development, data analysis and reporting
    • Accounting and Finance documentation
    • Variance analysis reporting
    • ETC/EAC reporting
    • Material and Subcontract documentation
    • Baseline change control
    • Funds management
    • CAM notebook implementation
  • Well versed in implementing DoD, DOE, and U.S. federal government reporting requirements: Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR), Contract Performance Report (CPR), Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR).
  • Demonstrated leadership in executing DOE Order 413.3B, CAG, ECRSOP, and PM-30 IPM2 METRR, Test Metric Analysis, CRC matrix development, CAM Training and Mentoring, Surveillance readiness and conduct and achievement of contractor EVMS Compliance.
  • Facilitated and supported more than 80+ Government and Industry reviews (e.g., Post Award Contract (PAC) Reviews, Contract Implementation Review (CIR), Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR), EVMS Surveillance, 3rd Party EVMS Certification, and DoD/DOE EVMS Compliance Reviews.)
  • Published 100+ EVM System Description Documents, Standard Procedures & Desktop Instructions.
  • EVMS Training
    • Lead EVMS Trainer at NRO/NGA intelligence agencies, CSC-Welkin, and DOE LANL N3B Project.
    • Developed and delivered EVMS 101 Basic and Advanced training curriculum for federal government, civilian agencies, intelligence community, public workshops and on-site corporate seminars.
    • Trained over 4,500 acquisition professionals in EVMS Basic and Advanced Concepts, Cost & Schedule Baseline Management, Variance Analysis Reporting (VAR) & VAR Scorecard Training, ETC/EAC Development and Baseline Change Control.
    • Specializing in EVMS Executive, Project Management, Project Controls and CAM and IBR/EVMS Compliance Training


Our SME staff members have extensive federal government, civilian agencies, and intelligence communities both project management and EVMS implementation experience on small to large projects ranging from $50 million to over $1 billion.

Our staff members have real-life work experience executing the entire EVMS lifecycle; from EVMS proposal generation, EVM system description development, systems & tools integration, schedule/cost baseline development, generating mandated EVMS (e.g., IPMR, IMS and CFSR) and conducting client EVMS Compliance and Surveillance Reviews.

EVMS Implementation Practices

EVMS Implementation Practices

Implementing EVMS on new projects can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly for your company and/or client.  To mitigate these costs, Samos Advisors conducts a ‘meet and greet’ working session with its client prior to conducting an EVMS Gap Analysis shortly after the contract award.

The ‘meet and greet’ working session between Samos Advisors and the client may vary based on contract type, the level of EVMS knowledge, business practices, and a company’s environmental factors (e.g., culture, people, processes, and resources/technology).

Example discussion topics:

  1. EVMS implementation goals & expectations,
  2. Review of EVMS contractual and reporting requirements,
  3. Review of a sample EVMS implementation plan, timeline and roadmap,
  4. Discuss client and customer current EVMS maturity level,
  5. Project management business and environmental factors,
  6. Client commitment to the overall success of EVMS,

After the ‘meet and greet client working sessions, Samos Advisors proceeds to the conduct of an a thorough EVMS gap analysis to formally assess the client EVMS “current” versus “desired” state of EVMS maturity. The understanding of the gap analysis results, updated EVMS roadmap and EVMS risk register begin the EVMS implementation process. Samos Advisors and the client will work together to initially generate the required EVMS processes, implement project management tools, develop the initial cost and schedule baseline plan and ensure all EVMS reports are compliant with client reporting requirements.

Samos Advisors SME staff will work side-by-side with the project manager, project controls team, control account managers and other internal/external team members to design, develop and implement the initial technical, schedule, and cost baseline including all necessary EVMS documentation.

After the client’s baseline plan is approved, all relevant EVMS supporting documentation (e.g., WBS/WBS dictionary, work authorization documents, forms, templates, and reports) is prepared and stored on the E-CAM notebook to maintain configuration control. Once the schedule and cost baseline are approved and implemented in the contractor’s EVMS tool, Samos Advisors will begin preparations for the Integrated Baseline Review and subsequent EVMS certification review, as required.

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