EVMS Links and Resources

At Samos Advisors, we like to provide EVMS resources and links to better educate you on EVMS. Following are key EVMS policy links to government agencies and industry.

Civilian Agency Industry Working Group

The Civilian Agency Industry Working Group provides a forum for the open exchange of government and industry views on performance-based management systems, including Earned Value Management (EVM) systems.

College of Performance Management

The College of Performance Management (CPM) is a global, non-profit, professional organization dedicated to developing and disseminating the principles and practices of earned value management and other project performance management techniques.

We assist the project control professional and project manager in professional growth and promote the application of earned value management. We are a growing body of professionals dedicated to managing projects on time and on budget

DCMA Data-Driven Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Compliance Pilot

The DCMA EVMS mission is to assess supplier controls and procedures for compliance with the 32 EIA 748 EVMS Guidelines, influence the practice of program management by reinforcing the way the Department thinks about (and uses) EVMS data, and strengthen the purchasing power of the Department. Through a data-centric compliance approach, DCMA is looking to modernize contractor oversight methods and practices to maximize effectiveness while simultaneously reducing costs. Ultimately, the data-centric approach endeavors to capitalize on the UN/CEFACT XML schema and data submitted within the central repository.

The Data-Driven Compliance Pilot is being tested at five contractor locations and is designed to streamline compliance oversight by generating a set of data tests and thresholds by which to adjudicate acceptable risk. DCMA is using the pilot process to establish, test, and validate the metrics and thresholds to create a common basic for compliance oversight; develop a process for automated import of supplier data; and evaluate tool functionality to assess initial and continuing EVMS compliance.

The pilot established a baseline set of 163 metrics which may be amended, deleted and/or adjusted based upon observational inputs from the pilot sites and approval through a configuration control board. Every test metric aligns directly to a specific attribute or intent of the EIA 748 Guidelines. Some of these measures are automated test metrics that run monthly, while others are manual test metrics set at variable frequencies. For each of the test metrics we have generated a metric template, which provides the methodology and parameters for conducting the test. The current metric templates are provided below for general information; however, the templates will change throughout the process to reflect the responsiveness and fluidity of this pilot process.

Energy.Gov EVM Information

The mission of the DOE Earned Value Management website is to educate and train on theory and practice of Earned Value Management, and use it as an integrated Project Management process.

Energy.Gov EVMS Implementation Guidance

The Office of Project Management Oversight and Assessments includes DoD and Industry direction on how to adhere to DOE EVMS Implementation Guidance, Certification, Reporting and Industry Reference Documentation.

NDIA Integrated Program Management Division

The Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD), formerly the Program Management Systems Committee (PMSC), is the primary forum for maintaining strong Industry and Government working relationships to promote disciplined program performance management methodologies for planning and executing programs to optimize outcomes. Disciplined program performance management methodologies include earned value management (EVM) as defined in the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management Systems (EIA-748) that the IPMD authored and maintains.

The IPMD actively works to foster the mutual understanding and the effective development, implementation, and use of disciplined program performance management methodologies. The IPMD initiates and leads program management improvement initiatives with the DoD and other Federal agencies for the mutual benefit of the Industrial base and the Government to understand and adapt to changes in the procurement environment.

Office of Acquisition, Analytics and Policy

The Office of Acquisition, Analytics and Policy (AAP), a division of Acquisition Enablers, is the central office for major defense authorization performance assessment, root cause analysis, and earned value management within the Department of Defense.

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