Capture & Proposal Management

Capture and Proposal Management Services

When winning is the only option and ROI is important, consider Samos Advisors. Our team of successful capture and proposal management professionals delivers effective and efficient processes that win new business and saves consulting dollars.

 Advisory services

  • Pre-opportunity strategy solutions
  • Business intelligence capabilities
  • Opportunity pipeline development

Bid management

  • Capture management
  • Proposal management
    • Coordination
    • Volume leads
    • Technical writing
    • Graphic design

Cost estimating and pricing

  • Requirements analysis
  • Baseline development
  • CES and WBS development
  • Development of estimating methods
  • Risk evaluation and impact analysis
  • Affordability and trade-off analysis
  • Best and Final Offer (BAFO) / Items for Negotiation (IFN) consulting
  • Developing competitive cost/rate structures

Winning Team: You and Samos Advisors

By teaming with Samos Advisors for capture and proposal management support, you get access to:

  • A qualified pool of certified business development and proposal management experts with relevant experience in your industry
  • A trusted team of volume leads, technical writers, graphic designers, and coordinators that have worked together on winning proposals before
  • Expert level pricing and cost estimating professionals who give meaningful trade-off analysis
  • A proven set of tools, processes, and methods to get it right the first time
  • A flexible approach that fits your organization culture and maturity

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